Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 53 & 54 (7th & 8th October 2015)

Neil and Anne in our formal dinner rags prior to the evening meal on board the Golden Princess

Jim, Bonnie, Neil, Von, Anne and Ed. Formal dinner night on board the Golden Princess.

Jim, Bonnie, our waiter (Ferdinand) and Von. Formal dinner night on board the Golden Princess.

Golden Princess dancing staff girl – Victoria…..and Neil. On board the Golden Princess. 

Still at sea – however it is calm today. We have noticed that the temperature is cooler now and we must be out of the tropic zone. A quiet day, preparing for the formal dinner tonight. Anne wore her new silk outfit with new jewellery – wow!! We went to another show after dinner, a Kiwi comedian, Simon McKinney. Naturally there were stories about Oz and Kiwi land to stir up the American audience. He was a bit plain in his routine with a few laughs – nothing special. We had a few drinks with our American friends from Arizona and watch the Do You Want To Be A Rockstar. Of course our Elliot (the cool character we mention back a few weeks ago) had to sing. We found out he has a wife (name unknown at this stage) and she is totally infatuated with cool Elliot. A small statured woman who with always glowing gleaming teeth stares at him constantly – an unusual couple! We have another day at sea tomorrow and closer to Auckland NZ. Cheers.

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