Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 5 (20 August 2015)

Macy shopping. Even with the disappointing exchange rate between Oz and US clothes are still very cheap in this great shop.  65% off most items!

Anne in the main foyer inside the Sony Studios, Culver City. The futuristic bikes were used in MIB movies

Inside the Sony Studio foyer. Used many times in various movies where airport scenes were needed.

This was the facade of the now MGM headquarters, now owned by Sony Pictures

Touring the stage buildings inside Sony Picture Studios. Stage 21 is where the Wizard of Oz was filmed.

The renown water tower inside Sony Picture Studio

The Ghostbusters car

Many movies involving car chases and other exciting vehicle scenes had to be driven backwards. Inside this one had a rearward driving steering wheel - clever!

Exiting the Sony Picture Studio with the huge rainbow in the background.

Inside Sony Picture Studio - one of the original buildings back in the MGM, Columbia and Tristar days

The new Sony Picture Studio main building in Culver City, Los Angeles

We collected our vehicle this morning from Alamo - a big Dodge SUV that can hold four passengers and large bags. It is like driving a truck. Needless to say Neil was very careful driving around the congested Los Angeles streets. The first port of call was shopping at Macy's. Anne has now converted Choon that this department store is the best in the world when it comes to fashion clothes. All of us purchased clothes at near rock bottom prices, even factoring in the big exchange rate gap. There are sales due to the forthcoming winter and stock must go. 65% off most design label clothes plus our visitor's 10% discount. Some items were as low as $10. We had lunch in the food court that served gigantic portions of food. We must learn to buy one lunch dish for two people or suffer the weight problem. After lunch we toured the Sony Picture Studio in Culver City. We were very disappointed with the tour. Didn't see any famous stars and actual some noted stars were there in their particular stage buildings. Our guide wouldn't let us in whilst filming. It was a two hour tour and the only positive aspect about our time was the historical information we experience about what had been filmed there. After our tour we visited a local Walmart to buy items for tomorrow's road trip to Yosemite National park. Returned to our accommodation at 7pm and ready to go for an early start tomorrow morning. We may not have any Wifi coverage for a few days, therefore we will catch up once we settle in South Tahoe. Cheers and please send those emails with all the latest news from home and Australia.