Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 10 (25 August 2015)

In the Carson City, Nevada state capitol grounds - nice trees!

The State Capitol of Nevada in Carson City.

One of the film locations where John Wayne starred in The Shootist - the Krebbs-Peterson House, Carson City, Nevada.

A local in period costume, Virginia City, Nevada.

The main street of Virginia City, Nevada - C Street.

Home of the Suicide Table (Delta Saloon) Virginia City, Nevada.

As advertised - the Bucket Blood Saloon. Titled for the daily ritual of cleaning the previous night's fights in the premises.

Named after the famous prostitute who was murdered in Virginia City, in 1867.

A typical resident's home in Virginia City, Nevada.

Typical "poppet" in one of Virginia City's gold mines. 

Once a prostitute's crib (their place of residence) in Virginia City, Nevada.

The back end of the Silver Dollar Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada.

St Mary's Church in Virginia City, Nevada.

Ready for departure - the Virginia City to Truckee tourist train at Virginia City, Nevada.

Once a large school building in Virginia City, Nevada - the Fourth Ward School.

More information regarding Virginia City's Fourth Ward School 

An opulent mansion in Virginia City, Nevada.

The story behind the Suicide Table in Virginia City, Nevada.

Travelling across the dry salt lakes north of Fallon, Nevada.

Celebrating with "picons" in The Martin Restaurant, Winnemucca, Nevada.

A local saloon across the road to the State Capitol building in Carson City, Nevada.

Domesticated deer in a Carson City residence, Nevada.

Left South Lake Tahoe at 8am and headed to Carson City in Nevada. Carson City is the capitol of Nevada and we walked around the state capitol building. Also in Carson City is the Krebbs- Peterson house which was the site of John Wayne’s last movie “The Shootist”. The house is the scene of James Stewart’s doctor surgery. Not far from Carson City is Virginia City and wow what a town. It is portrayed as the major setting for the TV series “Bonanza’ however, it is still an old time western town that really hasn’t changed its architecture since the late nineteenth century. We did a 20 minute tour on a tractor-towed trolley and the driver gave us many stories of its illustrious history, including the prostitute Julia Bulette’s life in this gold/silver mining town. Virginia City still extracts gold and tailings are everywhere. On a shopping excursion Choon bought a leather bag and Neil bought an 1892 Silver Dollar – a great souvenir and keepsake of Virginia City and America. From Virginia City we headed in the westerly direction into the Nevada desert. Had lunch at a road side stop smack in the dry wasteland and after continued to Winnemucca, Nevada. After a good time in Walmart to purchase necessary items we headed to a Basque restaurant in town. Winnemucca has a population of 8,000 and is the settlement of Spanish Basque people many years ago. We had dinner in “The Martin” who served us so much food there was no way we could finish the many dishes offered. We had to sit at a table with other diners who were travelling Americans and a great conversation had by all. Good friendship was fostered and exchange of addresses was made. The specialty at The Martin was the alcoholic drink “Picon”. Laced with brandy and was a nice touch at the end of a great night. Tomorrow we head north-west to Twin Falls in Idaho. The waterfalls are supposed to be the Niagara Falls of the west. We hope to travel through Idaho’s capitol “Boise”. So this ends today’s experience and cheers to all.