Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 55 (9th October 2015)

A choppy sea today making crystallised salt on our balcony handrail.

One week left of our holiday. We noticed how after three weeks on board the Golden Princess some passengers are starting to become hostile. Not with us but what we are observing. One woman passenger complained about how dry the food was during lunch to the catering staff, one passenger was aggressive towards another passenger because she took out her completed clothes out of the washing machine so she could use it next. Nevertheless, our spirits are high. After today we have four stops across eastern New Zealand with the major sea days behind us. The only complaint we have are the handicapped people on board. Must be at least 10 percentage of the total passengers. Mostly using walkers, walking canes and even hiking sticks that look like praying mantis when in use. However it is the motorised wheel chaired invalids who are the worst. As we were walking through the casino lounge a very, very, very and we mean over 200klg male in one of these machines came past us from behind and nearly took our feet out. Must have been doing at least 15 kph! And no way we could hear him coming – a silent killer, they are! They are mostly Americans and even one couple who have one normal wheel chair between them share this device on a frequent basis – who is the handicapped person we asked? We see some walk around the vessel unimpeded but when it comes to the waiting line they are up front taking advantage of their perceived walking problem. There are legit passengers with handicaps and we help these people when required but those ones who are so obese and need the have a motorised contraption to get from A to B we avoid. We are near Auckland and the seas are rough today. Not much happened today – the usual dancing practice and sharing stories with our four Arizonan friends. Tomorrow we have a city tour of Auckland and during the pm hours hope to update our blogspot once we find a high speed internet cafĂ©. So we hope all our back posts will be on the internet.


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