Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 4 (19 August 2015) In Los Angeles

Our flight gave us a misty view of Hollywood

From our flight - downtown Los Angeles

One of the many Interstate freeways criss-crossing Los Angeles

Toasting our first meal in the USA at the Casa Gamino Mexican Family Restaurant (with margaritas) near our accommodation, Inglewood, Los Angeles

 Meals were huge and now it's time to walk off our Mexican cuisine - in front of the Casa Gamino Restaurant

Not far from our accommodation - welcoming feature to all visitors.

It was a 40 hour day today - due to the crossing of the International Dateline. The 10.5 hour flight from Nadi to Los Angeles with Fiji Airlines was normal. The food on board was adequate and with business class seats made our 9:40 pm departure to a 1:20 pm arrival the same day comfortable. We had a few hours sleep in their cot like seats. Going through immigration at LAX was uneventful however the line through customs was long and overall it took us nearly an hour to exit LAX. Our accommodation is only a ten minute taxi drive and after check-in and a welcoming shower we meet Meng and Choon who were resting next door. They had been in LA since 7 am and with a 14 hour flight from Sydney deserved to catch up on some sleep time. We had our USA first meal at a Mexican restaurant and ordered three meals to cover the four of us - and this was excessive with the huge portions they served us. Tomorrow we collect our vehicle in preparation for a long road trip across Western USA and a visit to Sony film studios - so cheers to all.