Monday, August 17, 2015

Day 3 (18 August 2015)

On board the Sea Spray near Mana Island. It's free beer, wine, softies and water all day long in fact it was encouraged. David, we hope your vessel has the same catering?

Anne couldn't do the Titanic pose it was too bumpy for her to go all the way.

The Captain of the Sea Spray - also a ukulele player, including all the staff on board. They were playing and singing Fijian songs all through the cruise.

Montiki Island (also called Tom Hanks's Island). This is the island where Tom and his faithful basketball "Wilson" starred in the movie Castaway.

The Sea Spray off Montiki Island

On Montiki Island. Left over from the film Castaway

The majority of the scenes from Castaway were filmed here - Montiki Island.

Us on Montiki Island

A rare picture these days - Anne in her swimming costume. On Montiki Island

A great BBQ on board the Sea Spray

Our "bure" on Mana Island

What a great day we had today. This morning started with overcast skies, however by 10am it became clear and our journey on board the 1928 built vessel Sea Spray was memorable. We stopped at Montiki Island for snorkeling (not us) and wandering around the tropical island. We had a BBQ lunch on board the vessel and after the cruise took us to an island inhabited by traditional Fijian islanders. Here we tried "kava" (yuk) and after six hours returned to Mana Island. On board drinks were complimentary and the crew just wanted us to finish their stocked up esky in a fervour. Six Fijian beers later Neil was feeling great. Tomorrow we board a sea plane to Nadi and hope to tour around the town. Our flight to LA is at 9pm so we have a lot of time to spare at Nadi. Cheers.

Day 2 (17 August 2015)

The Bula Bus that takes "paying" passengers around the resorts on Denarau Island

View of Port Denarau

South Sea Island - the first island from Denarau. predominately a backpackers hideaway

The Fiji flag on the stern of our Denarau to Mana Island vessel

Disembarking on Mana Island

Mana Island along the south beach

Our outside shower unit in our "bure" on Mana Island

Anne on the north beach complex on Mana Island

The north beach on Mana Island

Newly renovated pool area in the Mana Island Resort, along the North Beach

It rained all day - mostly drizzling. From our Hilton Resort on Denarau we walked along the main road where all the resorts are located. We boarded our Mana Island boat at 12 noon and took one and half hours to reach Mana Island. The island is small and located among smaller backpackers isles west of mainland Fiji. Nice establishment on Mana however the Resort has a major monopoly on the entire island landscape. We walked along the south beach in between the light rain that bug us all day and sip a few cocktails at the main bar. The resort here is full of Australians with young children and babies. For dinner tonight we had an Indian buffet comprising of Lamb Josh, Vindaloo and other curry cuisines. 
Tomorrow we are off to Tom Hanks's Castaway Island and we may find "Wilson". (Wilson was the basketball that Tom Hanks relied on during his plane wrecked experience on the island.) The sailing vessel is a "all you can drink and eat experience" and hopefully the weather will be kind to us. Cheers.

Day 1 (16 August 2015)

Saying goodbye to our Lakeyn. What is that guy waving to in the background?

Fiji Airlines are okay. This is what Business Class looks like!

Watching the landing of Emirates at Sydney Airport with the CBD in the background

Our last look at mainland Ozzie - Palm beach and surrounds

An uneventful flight from Sydney to Nadi, Fiji. Took 3 and a half hours - landed in nightime and in drizzling rain. Our accommodation is in Denarau at the Hilton Resort. Nice quarters and everybody greeting us with "bula".