Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 52 (6th October 2015)

There is a rainbow in this photograph – taken outside our stateroom on a bumpy, choppy sea, just on the eastern side of the International Dateline.

Neil is still with the flu. Apparently 50% of passengers on board this vessel has or is suffering from this malady. Whoever the Typhoid Mary was that brought this on the Golden Princess should be keelhauled! Nothing much happened today – just rested in our room. The promenade deck was closed to passengers due to the rough and choppy seas. Outside our balcony there is salt deposits all along the handrail and furniture. With the seas being rough we heard that there has not been any serious seasickness. The Golden Princess’s stabilisers are in good working order and on many occasions we do have the rock-n-roll movement throughout the ship. At 5 pm we did practice our dancing in the Explorer’s Lounge and after dinner went to a show hosted by Davilicious Davidia, a Sydney girl who has an amazing voice with an extensive octave range. In the atrium the Oktoberfest was in full swing, however given the size of the area made it difficult to watch the activities that was organised. Tomorrow is a 48 hour day condensed into 24 hours. We cross over the International Dateline and lose a day. So during the am hours tomorrow will be Wednesday 7th October but at 12 noon becomes Thursday 8th October – confusing? Cheers.  

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