Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Day 31 (15 September 2015)

Muscle Beach, Santa Monica, Los Angeles. The world first work-out beach!

Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles, California.

The four - ready to segway roll - at Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles.

I've done this before - Anne on her second segway experience, Santa Monica Beach, Los Angeles.

World best skate boarder designed this on Venice beach, Los Angeles.

Anne....again....at Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

It's Choon....at Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

Our guide telling about how Arnold Schwarzenegger work-out here to became Mr Universe, Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

The four segway rollers at the Muscle Beach, Venice Beach work-out plaza where big Arnie had work-out.

Lifesaver's observation tower on Venice Beach, Los Angeles. Also the scene of many films and television shows like Bay Watch.

Rolling down the board walk at Venice Beach. Legalised pot place and abode of many homeless people.

The official end of the road for Route 66, Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles.

On Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles.

View of the entrance to Santa Monica Pier, Los Angeles. Always a police presence!

The tram from The Getty Museum from car park to museum, Los Angeles, California.

View of Los Angeles from the Getty Museum.

Painting of Princess Leonilla by Winterhalter inside the Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

Painting "Spring" by Manet inside the Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

Painting "Still Life With Apples" by Cezanne inside the Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

Painting "Irises" by Van Gogh inside the Getty Museum, Los Angeles.

What a day! It poured down this morning - our first day in our holiday that rain could have spoiled our itinerary. However, by 10 am it became clear and we had a good hot, humid day. So much for "It doesn't rain in California" according to the popular song of yesteryear. We had our two hour segway ride between 11 am to 1 pm and rode about seven klms or more on the pathway from Santa Monica Beach to Venice Beach and back. Venice Beach is an eye-opener, plenty of homeless people, pot smokers and muscle benders. Santa Monica Pier is a huge construction and to walk its length is an experience. It was Meng and Choon's first go on a segway machine and within five minutes they had mastered the controls and away we all went. After Santa Monica we drove north to The Getty Museum where the rich old tycoon had constructed a huge complex and many of his valuable collections are on display. It's a free entry....but....a $15 USD car parking fee is required. Meng and Choon remained until closing time at the museum with Neil and Anne returning Bertha to the accommodation in preparation for the final push to San Francisco. There is an overnight stop at the Big Sur tomorrow night, therefore definitely no wifi is available until two more nights. It's only three days before Neil and Anne board the Golden Princess for the slow 28 day return to OZ...so until 48 hours cheers.