Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 64 (18th October 2015)

A very early view of the coat hanger taken from our balcony.

Very early view of Circular Quay taken from our balcony.

The Opera House (always looking magnificent). Taken from the top deck on the Golden Princess.

We just disembarked the Golden Princess and waiting for Tom.

The Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal with our last view of the Golden Princess.

The Golden Princess sailed through Sydney Heads early in the morning - in darkness. We awoke at 6 am to the sounds of the vessel being berthed at the Overseas Passenger Terminal. We had a breakfast in the Horizon Lounge and left the Golden Princess for the last time at 8 am. Customs and Immigration were great basically just walked through. We waited for Tom to pick us up at 9am and that's it. We arrived home at 1015 am and its back to reality again.  Cruise holidays are great. One needs to be cognisance of the food intake and prepared to do some form of exercise on board the ship - just walking around a few times is okay. If we didn't our weight would have been embarrassing. In fact weighing ourselves on our return found we didn't put on any weight, however we didn't lose any we are happy with that. That's it for the holiday and now to start planning for next year's adventure. Bye.

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