Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 63 (17th October 2015)

Our waiter Ferdinand and Bonnie enjoying our last dinner on board the Golden Princess.

Our two great waiters, Ferdinand and Karl - in the Canaletto Dining Lounge.

Bonnie, Ferdinand and Von during out last dinner on board the Golden Princess.

This is our last day on board the Golden Princess. Finished packing our bags and decided not to take on a ballroom performance due to the floor that we would have danced around a grand piano. The unstable platform (the rock and roll of the vessel) was way too small for our style of dancing. Instead we enjoyed the company with Ed, Jim, Bonnie and Von in the Wheelhouse Lounge and took advantage of the buy one with a $1 second. Many Southern Comforts, Mojitas and other strange concoctions later we were very happy indeed. We had our last dinner in the Canaletto Lounge and said our goodbyes to our waiters. They were good chaps who went the extra mile to make our meal experience a memorable one. After saying goodbye to our American friends, who we believe have adopted us, we returned to our cabin with our main bags taken down in the hold for tomorrow's disembarkation. Five huge bags were packed - must of been about 80 klgs worth. Well that's it for this holiday we will arrive in Sydney at 6 am tomorrow and Tom will be collecting us at the Sydney Overseas Passenger Terminal. So cheers to all. 

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