Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 46 (30 September 2015)

Professional photo of us at the last formal dinner on board the Golden Princess.

The sign that begins our walk around the Golden Princess.

Heading towards the front of the ship – a series of small stairs. Also it becomes very windy.

The front of the ship (the bow). Very noisy and windy.

Now on the port side walking down the first set of steps from the bow. No more noise and no wind.

Just around the corner is a 12 step descent. A view of the port side is evident.

Anne walking down the 12 step stairs to the promenade Deck (Port side)

The port side promenade deck - a long stretch of straightness towards the stern.

Almost to the stern and the halfway mark.

As we turn to the stern of the ship a mirror to prevent collisions. Starts to become noisy at this point.

The stern and very noisy with the propellers churning the sea wake.

Now returning to the starboard side – Anne saying “come-on”!

The starboard promenade deck and much quieter – the last straight stretch to finish one lap.

One lap done and ready to climb the starboard side 12 stairs to the front to the vessel.

Another relaxing day after our celebration yesterday. We walked around the ship (1 mile) and took a half hour session in the gym. It is interesting that we can lose calories and easily put it back on at our next meal. Cruise ships are famed for the undisciplined and certainly we must fall into that category. Buffets are the worse – they give a large plate with many varieties of foods, especially seafood. The sit down meals are best – food control is so much easy. They taught the tango today and it was interesting. Slightly different from our style but nothing we can’t handle. Also went to a Veteran’s Meeting in the afternoon and met many American ex-servicemen – some served in WWII. There were some Aussies who were in the RAAF and Army that also attended. One particular ex US Marine gave us some idea what some of their people thought about the big wars in the 20th Century. He said that one young impressionable boy believed that World War II was the eleventh war and wondered that WW 3 to 11 was undocumented. It was a joke of course but it did liven up the fraternity of serving men and women. The following photos portrays the one lap around the ship via Deck 7 (Promenade). It is a good walk and the best way to keep those calories intact. Tomorrow we hit Papeete (Tahiti) with two excursions organise we will be busy. The following day will be Bora Bora. Hopefully tomorrow the blogspot will be up-to-date. Cheers. 

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