Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 45 (29 September 2015)

The beauty and the beast – celebrating 43 years of marriage. In the Golden Princess Caneletto Dining Room.

Three excellent pianist performing late at night on board the Golden Princess – an ad hoc affair.

It was our 43rd wedding anniversary today and outside our cabin door was a congratulatory message with balloons. What did we do for our auspicious day – we walked 3.5 klms around the Golden Princess. Later Anne attended a foot analysis seminar and yes the high pressure personal trainer and salesman believed Anne’s anecdote was a $200 USD podiatric insert to solve her feet problem. Well, Anne tried the plastic pieces to no improvement and one aerobic personal trainer lost a sale. We had dinner at our usual room and our excellent waiter “Ferdinand” served us with an anniversary cake and made a special event for us – rather a great moment of our day. Before and after dinner we practiced some dancing – with a chance to practice some sequence dances and after dinner went to a show – a crooner and vocalist with a name of Tony B, an old  New Yorker with ties to the artists of old (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and other Rat Pack members). He was excellent and after we kept celebrating in the Piazza Bar listening to a pianist Oliver Holland. Our day was great and tomorrow we are still at sea but almost near Tahiti. So until then – cheers. 

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