Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 61 (15th October 2015)

Waterfall inside Dusky Sound – the southern district in Fjordland, South Island, New Zealand.

Sailing through Dusky Sound – the southern district in Fjordland, South Island, New Zealand.

Along the Fjordland coast near Breaksea Sound in Fjordland, South Island, New Zealand.

Passengers starting to gather on topside as we entered Milford Sound, South Island.

Entering Milford Sound, South Island.

Starboard side as we enter Milford Sound, South Island.

Midway into Milford Sound, New Zealand.

One of the many waterfalls on the starboard side in Milford Sound, New Zealand.

Just around the corner is the end of Milford Sound, South Island.

A sheer cliff on the port side near the end of Milford Sound, South Island.

Mitre Peak, Milford Sound, South Island.

Charter flights over Milford Sound, South Island.

Swinging anti-clockwise to leave Milford Sound, South Island.

Leaving Milford Sound.

Anne at Milford Sound – taken from our balcony.

Good photograph of Milford Sound’s hanging glaciered scenery, South Island.

Leaving Milford Sound showing another hanging glaciered background.

The sheer cliffs of Milford Sound, South Island.

Huge waterfall in Milford Sound, South Island.

A long drop waterfall affected by the constant wind, Milford Sound, South Island.

Just outside Milford Sound, the Fjordland coastline, South Island.

We were set to visit five fjords today, but due to the heavy weather situation we only sailed down three – Dusky Sound, Breaksea Sound and the famous Milford Sound. Fortunately our Milford Sound cruise presented us with great weather and many pictures were taken. This was an on board excursion where the views were taken on board the Golden Princess. We have visited Norway’s fjords and found them awesome. Norway has many fjords and the spectacular ones are world class, however, Milford Sound is just as awesome. Fjordland in New Zealand only has fourteen fjords many of them are very short in length (20 – 40 klm max compared to Norway’s deepest fjord in 200 klm!). Milford Sound is NZ’s prize tourist attraction and shouldn’t be missed – especially the harbour views. We left Milford Sound at 3 pm and alas now we are heading north west to Sydney crossing the ditch (Tasman Sea). The weather here is cold – taking into consideration we are many lines lower in latitude than Tasmania. It will take us 2.5 days to reach Sydney which will end our USA/Oceania holiday. Cheers.

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