Sunday, October 18, 2015

Day 59 (13th October 2015)

Somewhere along the east coast line of South Island, New Zealand – showing snow covered mountains.

Did we enjoy our visit to Akaroa and the Transalpine rail journey…..well… ….. we didn’t stop at Akaroa nor took our organised tour. Instead, the Captain decided to continue on to Port Chalmers, Dunedin. Why? Because the bay waters was treacherous and given the tenders that needed to transport us and other passengers from ship to shore would have posed a dangerous situation. The Captain is totally responsible for safety and after conversing with the Harbour Master knew that choppy seas with an aging passenger list spells trouble. The weather was also terrible, quite cloudy and misty. The decision to go on was well received by most. Interestingly, as we continued south towards the Antarctic Ocean the weather improved and became clear. What we did saw today was snow-capped mountains from the distance along the coastline. We did attend a trivia session and a tango dance lesson. Nothing much else happened. Hopefully tomorrow we will berth at Port Chalmers and take our train tour to Taieri, west of Dunedin – our last tour of our Golden Princess 28 day journey. So until then cheers.  

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