Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 50 (4th October 2015)

The atrium on board the Golden Princess – covers three floors and located about midship. This is where most of the duty free shops are located.

Another day at sea. Anne starting to be bored after the halfway mark. Thankfully we hit land tomorrow at Pago Pago (pronounced Pang Pango). Nevertheless today we attended our usual ballroom dance lesson – revision on the merengue and cha cha. And late we kept our practice session at 5 pm. After dinner we attended the trivia Country & Western trivia and even with our American friends we only achieved 4 out of 20 points – basically we suck at this activity. Yes we have been adopted by two American couples from Arizona. They have the same humour as ourselves and share stories regarding our past years. As mentioned tomorrow is American Samoa which lies just on the eastern side of the International Dateline and not far from Fiji – the first point of call on our 2015 holiday six weeks ago. So hopefully we will have access to a wifi on Pago Pago and update the blogspot – cheers.  

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