Thursday, September 24, 2015

Day 37 (21 September 2015)

Anne's new hairstyle - taken somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean from the stern of the Golden Princess

The back end of this ship is huge - above is a disco room called the Skywalker.

Inside the Skywalker on board the Golden Princess.

Looking forward from the Skywalker nightclub on board the Golden princess.

Looking rearwards showing the Skywalker Nightclub. The highest point on the Golden Princess where passengers are allow to go.

Another view of the Skywalker Nightclub.

There's nearly 950 feet of corridor at Level 10 on board the Golden Princess. This is our level about two thirds down from this position.

Our first formal night on board the Golden Princess - ahhh..... Anne in her new ball gown.

Having dinner on our formal night - we are compelled to dress up.

A senior member of the Golden Princess crew assisting a passenger in filling up the champagne tower.

Now it's Anne's turn. 

Our second full day at sea – same as yesterday cloudy however warmer as we travel south west towards Hawaii. Anne had her hair done in the ship’s salon. She is very happy with the result of the expert hairdresser. This was fortuitous as there is a formal dinner tonight. A dress up is required and Anne can wear one of her newly purchased Macy’s outfits. We attended a Line Dance lesson at 2:30 pm and learnt the Electric Slide (easy) and the Macarena. As mentioned we attended our sit down dinner in our best clobber and after the Captain started pouring champagne into hundreds of glasses as a welcome activity Anne and many others were invited to assist him to pour the bubbly fluid. We went to a show – the Stardust in the large theatre. Tomorrow will be the same as today so cheers.

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