Saturday, September 19, 2015

Day 32 (16 September 2015)

Our apartment include a swimming pool – use by tenants and hirers alike. Located at Fuller Road, West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

The inside pool area inside our West Hollywood Apartment, Los Angeles, California.

Information Board regarding Bradbury Dam - near Santa Maria, California.

 Bradbury Dam - near Santa Maria, California.

Another view of Bradbury Dam - near Santa Maria, California.

And another view of Bradbury Dam - near Santa Maria, California.

And yet another view of Bradbury Dam - near Santa Maria, California.

Countryside view near Santa Maria, California.

Morro Bay Beach near the southern entrance to the Big Sur, California.

The Morro Bay Rock itself, home of peregrine birds, California.

Sea otters at fun – sunbaking along the shores, Morro Bay, California.

Hearts Castle, near San Simeon, California.

Elephant seals just relaxing on a beach along the Big Sur, California.

A huge elephant seal looking for a quiet spot to sunbake along the Big Sur, California.

A fat ground squirrel near the location of the elephant seals, Big Sur, California. These critters may contain a virus harmful to humans.

A typical beach scene along the Big Sur, California.

Gorda the most expensive fuel price in the US - $6.50 per gallon. Located along the Big Sur, California. No we didn’t fill up here!

A Big Sur scene closer to our overnight destination at Big Sur, California.

The Big Sur Highway Number One hugs so close to the shoreline that tunnels are required.

A humpback whale frolicking along the Big Sur coastline. Near Big Sur village, California.

One of many bridges along the Big Sur, California.

Our accommodation Deetjen Inn at Big Sur, California. Tucked away in the forest.

Walking up a redwood trail at our Big Sur accommodation.

Another humpback whale near our accommodation, Big Sur, California.

Goodbye Los Angeles, the city we started from one month ago. Now we head north leaving congested highways towards Ventura in California. We stopped for some supplies at Oxnard - yes Walmart again. Also our Bertha has a slow leak in the rear left tyre and we have to pump up this annoying piece of rubber every three or four days. After Oxnard we entered Pacific Highway 1 to start the Big Sur at Morro Bay. A huge rock formation is the main scenic feature in this place and we saw some peregrine birds high up in the cliffs – also playful sea otters were easily seen in the harbour. It was lunch here and continued north along the Big Sur. It was a beautiful day, clear, no rolling mist that usually occurs along this coast line and many snaps were taken at various viewpoints. We stopped and watched sea lions and hump back whales swimming along the rugged shoreline. We stopped at Randolph Hearst castle at San Simeon and later watch elephant seals on the beach nearby. Basically is was a nature day with all this wildlife. Our overnight stay is the small village of Big Sur and stayed in cottages that were build 90 years ago. The walls are made of redwood and very rustic in design. The Deetjen Inn is a heritage listed establishment amongst redwood trees and manicured gardens. A great place to stay. Tomorrow we drive the 155 miles to San Francisco and have tickets to ride the narrow gauge tourist train at Roaring Camp near Santa Cruz. We will be handing back Bertha to the rental company after 29 days tomorrow afternoon. For Meng and Choon they are feeling the blues because they will have to return to Oz next week and admit the holiday has gone so fast. So….our next post will be in San Francisco without any road vehicle – cheers.

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