Monday, September 14, 2015

Day 30 (14 September 2015)

Methodist Church in Hollywood - the scene of many films including Sister Act.

At the entrance to Warner Brothers Studios - good ol' Daffy Duck, Hollywood, California.

Inside the Warner Bros Studio - actual Batmobile. It actually drives!!

Warner Bros open lot - the New York 1930's buildings.

Warner Bros open lot - the Chicago 1930's buildings.

The Warner Bros water tower in Hollywood, California.

Mars Attack actual costume inside the Warner Bros Studio, Hollywood.

Sitting inside the "Friends" Central Perk Coffee shop inside Warner Bros Studio, Hollywood.

Neil trying out a spacesuit that was used in "Gravity". Warner Bros Studio, Hollywood.

Christopher Reeves' superman outfit. Warner Bros Studio, Hollywood.

A film stars house in Beverley Hills, worth 10 million dollars US.

This was once Fred Astaire's house in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles, California.

Building used in "Pretty Woman" where Julia Roberts was refused to buy expensive clothes until Richard Gere intervened. Located along Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

Rodeo Drive Hollywood - the second most expensive road in the world. The statue represents the way it will cost you an arm and almost a leg to buy items here.

Denzil Washington's house in Beverley Hills, Los Angeles.

The famous sign in Los Angeles, California.

View from Beverley Hills - downtown Los Angeles, California.

Used in the final scene in Pretty Woman - starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, Hollywood.

Apparently Janis Joplin overdosed in this hotel - located around the corner from our accommodation, Hollywood, California.

We had two tours today - a Warner Bros VIP Studio tour in the morning and a Beverley Hills Celebrity homes tour pm hours. The company that we chose was Star Lines. They are the most used tour company in Los Angeles and have the monopoly on all things Hollywood. In view of this we had to wait to receive tickets and the later tour in Beverley Hills was rushed and was hard to hear the driver/guide telling all the important aspects of the tour. Nevertheless it was a tiring day and after returning to our apartment rested and had dinner there. Tomorrow we go to Santa Monica for our segway ride and with an afternoon free will go the the Getty Museum nearby. cheers.

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