Friday, September 11, 2015

Day 27 (11 September 2015)

One of many fine buildings in the Gaslight District, San Diego, California.

Alighting from the San Diego Downtown to San Ysidro tram trolley at the USA/Mexico border (San Ysidro). This rail service transform from tram travel into rail travel easily. Sydney's City Rail could learn much from San Diego's excellent transport system. 

Entering Tijuana, Mexico from San Ysidro, USA.

The main street in Tijuana, Mexico.

Many beggars and opportunists in Tijuana. This one paints his burro for a $5 USD fee to take a picture with his artificial zebra.

Well....there needs to be something Mexican (Aztec) in Tijuana. Anne with a main street monument.

We had lunch at this spot along the main street in Tijuana, Mexico. Very cheap meals and drinks.

For the segue team - a Mexican dress for sale in the tourist trap, Tijuana, Mexico.

Typical Tijuana shop with flag.

Market square in Tijuana, Mexico.

A backpacker's accommodation, Tijuana, Mexico.

Enjoying margaretta's in a Tijuana cantina, Mexico.

The beginning of a Friday afternoon vehicle bustle on the Mexican border (Tijuana). For pedestrians it is at least a 2 hours line up to pass through Mexico/USA immigration.

Another disappointment today. The company that was to give us our Tijuana City Tour from San Diego couldn't gain the ten minimum passengers to make this tour viable and therefore cancelled at the death nell about 1130 am. This was not good business practice from the company as they had confirm this many months ago when we pre-paid the tour and did not tell us about this criteria. We will be reimburse however the stuffing around had caused us inconvenience of waiting until the last minute before this decision was made. Nevertheless, it was an ill wind that blows good. In response we decided to arrange our own crossing into Mexico ourselves and it was an easy journey by tram/trolley from San Diego to San Ysidro (a 40 minute trip), thence crossed the border without ado and took a taxi to Tijuana. We spent three hours in this Mexican tourist town and all things were so cheap - food, drinks, taxis and everything else we needed. It was about one fifth the cost of similar items in the US. No wonder it is a popular day trip over the border. We had lunch along the main street, drank margarettas and the tourist shops tried to sell us their products representative of Mexico. We returned to the border to a hot, humid pedestrian, minimum two hour line up to go through immigration....but some local told us for $6 USD they can bypass the line and get us through within 25 minutes. It was well spent as it actually took 30 minutes and away we went by the San Diego tram/trolley back to the city. Overall, Tijuana was a great experience...too touristy but cheap. We have another tour tomorrow a City Tour with a additional tour on board the WWII USS Midway. So cheers to all. 

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