Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Day 4 (19 August 2015) In Fiji

Our sea plane arriving at Mana Island (1030am). The pilot had to avoid snorkelers and swimmers before hitting the beach.

Ready to board our 20 minutes flight from Mana Island to Nadi.

Travelling at 500 feet, 92 knots, windows were opened and the pontoons were easily seen from the cockpit

Denarau harbour and an aerial view of our resort - approaching our sea landing site Nadi

The main street of Nadi - tourist shops and more tourist shops

The major scenic site in Nadi - the Hindu Temple

On the end section of Nadi - a cafe and bar. This is where we had time to spare with a couple of drinks before moving on the Nadi airport.

This is different, Neil's having a beer (that's normal) and I'm the one doing the blog, so please don't compare.  We started off from Mana Island in a sea plane, which was a little exciting with a big dose of "what are we doing " but once in the air it was great, the best view ever. Mana Island is definitely a family holiday destination,  Loads of families with lots of children but good accommodation and the locals are extremely friendly.

We arrived in Nadi some 15 minutes later and were given a complimentary ride anywhere we wished to go. We ended up in Nadi main town and we a sitting in a bar, Neil's on his 2nd beer and we are doing Fiji time.

Meng and Choon are in the air now and we have another 6 hour wait and there are shops waiting no begging to be explored. 

Until next time cheers to all our friends

Neil and Anne

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